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"Supporting Those Who Support Students"

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Contracted professional development and consulting services offer your team focused, meaningful support and lasting relationships.  Find out more about ourunique approach and the services provided

I provide full- and half-day consulting services, which can include professional development training, ESE programming, classroom coaching, mentoring, and administrator guidance.  


  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Data Collection
  • Inclusive Classrooms
  • Classroom Management / Behavioral Support
  • De-Escalation Strategies / Crisis Management
  • Accommodations and Modifications
  • Understanding and Support with Individual Education Plans, Behavior Intervention Plans, Functional Behavioral Assessments, and Antecedent Behavior Consequence Forms
  • Effectively Running / Participating in Individual Education Plan Meetings
  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports (former RTI) Process and Procedures​
  • Effective use of Technology in the Classroom
  • ​Executive Functioning Skills

  • Individual Education Plan, Behavior Intervention Plan, and Re-Evaluation Support and Guidance
  • Individual Education Plan, Behavior Intervention Plan, and Re-Evaluation Meeting Participation
  • Behavioral Support and Guidance