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Solutions in Education    ~    Marcus Sowcik, M.S., RBT    ~    Educational Consultant

"Supporting Those Who Support Students"

At Solutions in Education, the mission is simple: Supporting Those who
Support Students
.  I provide a variety of trainings, programming,
strategies, and guidance to schools, agencies, and families in order to
better support the students they serve.  My business is framed upon
strong communication skills, a collaborative approach, and the desire
to build and honor lasting partnerships with the assurance of maintaining
the highest ethical and professional standards.

As an Educational Consultant, I rely on a decade of experience in the
public education setting to provide support, strategies, and services. 
​I have taught and supported students with a wide variety of exception-
alities, including Autism Spectrum ​Disorder, Emotional/Behavioral
Disorders, Intellectual Disabilities, Deaf / Hard-of-Hearing, and Learning Disabilities.  Additionally, I have served on and advised leadership teams in both the school and community settings, including school leadership teams, district advisory councils, school development committees, and student-based clubs and organizations.  In 2014 I was named Teacher of the Year (Annistown Elementary, GA) and a Semi-Finalist for County Teacher of the Year (Gwinnett County, GA).

I utilize research-based methodology; national, state, and district-specific standards; best-practice initiatives; and years of classroom and leadership experience to drive my business.  I’m supported by a highly experienced network of professionals and agencies – including members of the sales/business, leadership, education, and clinical psychology fields – which enables me to create meaningful partnership opportunities and offer unique and effective solutions. 

I currently hold a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies and a Master’s Degree in Special Education.  I am a licensed Special Education Teacher, Physical Education Teacher, and Registered Behavior Technician.